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Weight Management

Weight Loss: we know what it takes.

Weight loss goals can be a burden. How many of us have become disheartened, while working towards a seemingly unattainable weight! What are the components of a great weight loss plan?

Components of a great weight loss plan.

  • Problem solving. What’s keeping that stubborn weight on? Milton Naturopath Dr. Katie is an expert problem solver, and can get you on the path to sustainable, stress-free weight loss.
  • Healthy, balanced eating. Say goodbye to stressful fad diets! We train you how to maximize weight loss while enjoying an adequate-calorie, healthy diet.
  • Energizing. Too tired to exercise? Our quick B12 and Energy injections offer quick, non-stimulant (non-caffeinated) energy to help you move through your day.
  • Regular exercise. Regular, nonstressful exercise has been shown to burn calories—and therefore weight—quicker. Is the elliptical, or a cardio program, best for you?
  • Hope. We offer hope and positivity for weight loss, and teach you tools and techniques you’ll be able to use for the rest of your life.

What would naturopathic weight-loss treatment include?

Dr. Katie approaches each weight loss case as unique. After all, no two of us are alike, and there are a myriad of factors as to why weight loss can be stubborn. Treatment involves an initial intake, during which you’ll receive a treatment plan for success. After this, we recommend check-ins at the 4-6 week mark, depending on your goals and weight loss requirements.


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